Q&A Interview Transcript

Q: What is your name?

A: Marie Webb


Q: Where are you from?

A: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Q: What are your design signatures?

A: Colourful, Joyful, Comfortable, Soft, Practical, Creative.


Q: How would you describe your ideal client?

A: Anyone.


Q: Career highlight?

A: Every day is a high light.


Q: What are the three spring/summer inspirations?

A: Birthday, Wedding, Boyfriend.


Q: What’s next for your brand ?

A: Creating drag wear-inspired clothes and accessories for everyday.


Q: Who are your design heroes?

A: Barbie, Power Rangers, Ru-Paul Drag Race All Stars.


Q: What’s your favorite cultural moments? 

A: Backstreet Boys, especially Nick Carter.


Q: In five years time, you will be...?

A: A wedding planner!